About Chip


Even as a young child, Chip Cox enjoyed drawing. Everything from cars to light switches. In high school, Chip purchased his first computer – a Commodore Vic 20. Although primitive by today’s standards, the Vic 20 launched Chip into creating art using digital technology.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Art in 1989, Chip purchased his first Macintosh computer and entered his career in advertising and art direction in St. Louis and later Chicago. When an ad agency Chip worked for closed its doors in 2001, Chip started his own design company where he continued to create advertisements, billboards, trade show displays, marketing materials, videos, and web sites for a variety of client companies, large and small.

While designing in many different styles for clients, Chip’s own art evolved into a style of simplified line work, using bright colors and pop art inspired patterns. Chip began displaying his art outside his home studio in 2017 through art festivals, where he has received multiple awards and started building a fan base.

Artist’s Statement

My work is abstract, expressive and bright. I like crisp, flowing lines and intense color. Working on a digital canvas allows me to produce the look I like in a way that is not possible any other way.

My typical process begins with quick sketches of ideas, concepts or thoughts. The sketches may start in a sketch book, on a sheet of paper or on an iPad Pro. I often scan this sketch or export it directly to the computer to complete the piece. Other times I recreate the image using a computer tablet. In the computer, I add the colors and patterns I envision.
If I feel the piece is finished, I print the image in a series of limited edition archival digital prints on canvas or archival paper. Each print is produced from the original digital file.

My work has been influenced by artists such as Picasso, Miro, Max and Lichtenstein. The linework I use has been inspired by Picasso, Miro, calligraphy and nature. Many of the patterns I use are influenced by pop art, Lichtenstein, and commercial printing. I choose color palettes that bring an intense reaction, often with a blending inspired by airbrushing techniques.

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