I tiled our kitchen backsplash. We used Aspect Peel and Stick Honeycomb Champagne Matted Metal Tile (Amazon Link). We bought them at Menard’s last week when they were on sale.

The tiles came in 4″ X 12″ sheets which I kept together when possible. The backing peels off and they stick firmly to the wall. Make sure you put it where you want it the first time because they aren’t repositionable. Occasionally, I would need to cut the tiles apart which was easily done by slicing between the tiles with a utility knife.

The project took longer than I expected. At first, I spent a lot of time cutting tiles with a hack saw. I later discovered that a utility knife and a lot of fresh blades made a nicer cut edge. To do this, I protected the tile by covering it with masking tape up to the marked cut line. Then, I placed a metal straight-edge along the marked cut line and clamped it all down to a 2X4. I used the utility knife to score a line along the straight-edge over and over until I made it through the thin metal layer of the tiles. After getting through the metal, it was much easier to cut through the rubber/plastic backing, adhesive and backing paper. I generally used one blade for each cut. Sometimes the point would break and I would have to use two. Sanding the cut metal edges made them look almost like the factory edges.

After getting the tiles on the wall, we started wondering if the honeycomb pattern was too busy looking. The word “disco ball” came up more than once. Other styles would have looked more subtle. Now, with the kitchen put back together and the tiles no longer the primary focus, we are pleased with it.

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