In 1609, Galileo turned his new telescope to the sky. In March of 1610, he published the first observations of the night sky through a telescope. The book was called Sidereus Nuncius. The Latin text described our moon and four moons of Jupiter observed over several weeks. It also included star charts. The book contained several diagrams and drawings.

An original would be a nice addition to any library. However, they tend to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, referencing scans and photos of multiple copies of the book I created a digital version…resetting the type and recreating the images. Great care went into producing an accurate reproduction of the original.

Digital Version

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Paperback Version

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Other Sidereus Nuncius Merchandise

In 1610, when Galileo published Sidereus Nuncius, T-shirts, coffee mugs and mouse pads didn’t exists. Without merchandise, fans were left with nothing to show their affinity for this important work.

If you’ve been looking for Sidereus Nuncius merchandise (and who hasn’t?), you’re in luck. After 400 years, the wait is finally over. Now, you can buy the title page of this historic book on shirts, mouse pads, mugs and more. Show your friends how hip and up-to-date you are.

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